Linkage: five midweek reads

6 Jan

Five things we’ve learned thus far this week:

1. Your job is boring. You may not be aware of that fact just yet, but compare your nine-to-fiver with the scientists who injected bees with cocaine to see how they reacted. Feel free to cry quietly in your cubicle now.


2.The school system has a quarterback problem.” A great read from Malcolm Gladwell about the education system.


3. Even though “The Hills,” et al is a sad wasteland of manufactured semi-drama, reading a feature about it is highly enjoyable.


4. Film “critic” Ben Lyons is a hack. What a delightful takedown of a silver-spooned jackass. Stuff like this makes me happy. I especially love this nugget:

While recently reviewing ” Quantum of Solace,” he proclaimed that “GoldenEye” was his favorite James Bond film, eschewing many of the franchise’s most heralded installments. His rationale? “It was the first one for Pierce Brosnan,” Lyons said. “And that was also. . . when the first-person action video game Bond franchise was launched, which I wasted many hours of my childhood playing.”


5. Our new senator loves him some strutting. Exhibit A:


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