WoB 2008 review

30 Dec

Because I am required by blog-law to write a ‘year in review’ post, I’ve decided to link to some of (what I consider) the most memorable and/or best posts on this site. This is for posterity’s sake, and frankly was done more for me than you. Feel free to ignore.

January 8: I kicked off the year by recapping my 2007 resolution: 52 bars/restaurants throughout the year. Local readers might find a recommendation or two.

January 9: The second (and most recent *frown*) in my ‘Rock Bottom’ series: Peter Gabriel.

January 22: I list my ten selections for Songs of the Century, followed by the lists of a few readers. I stand by every one of those songs.

March 19: My friends and I devise a new fantasy baseball game: the Over/Under Challenge. Damn fun. Look for minor tweaks made in time for the ’09 campaign.

June 25: People I love: Volkswagen apologists. One of my favorite posts of the year.

July 9: I don’t think I’ll ever forget this, The Toenail Incident.

July 16: After procrastinating for what felt like years, I finally wrote my “What is a sport?” theory, to a sadly tepid response.

August 6: I still believe nicecritic.com is a great way to immaturely waste time and annoy friends.

August 18: I still gag when I think of this experience.

August 20: People I hate: busy road cyclists. Another one of my most-proud throughout ’08. Loved the comments as well.

August 25: My first essay about my involvement in the Big Brother/Little Brother program. At the time, I was worried I’d never hear from the kid again.

September 2: My theory that Craig Finn is the best ambassador in Minnesota history.

October 7: The day I publicly give up on the NFL as anything more than superficial (albeit crazy fun) entertainment.

October 19: I probably enjoyed FireJoeMorgan’ing a dumb Bill Simmons article a bit too much.

November 6: Oh, and there was a Presidential election that almost made me cry and definitely gave me a weeklong boner.

December 1: I crap my pants during my first ‘birds and the bees’ lecture.

December 17: My annual Top 50 Songs list.


That about wraps up this blog’s 2008 memorable moments. Thanks for stopping by throughout the year.


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