Apropos of nothing: keeg a neeb syawla ev'I

15 Dec

My hands-down favorite class in high school was my Broadcast Media course, in which our easygoing goofball of a teacher basically handed out a dozen or so video cameras, pointed us to the editing software and told us to have at it. That was pretty much it. We had a few assignments throughout the semester, but the bulk of our time was devoted to preparing for our final project, which was to be an original movie about the subject of our choice.

A’s were guaranteed, attendance was optional, and the video subject matter was of no concern. We were essentially given a free hour every day to do whatever we damn well pleased, the only pseudo-regulation being that we be sure to record some of it.

For some reason or another, my team decided that our movie was going to be a bunch of vignettes of everyday activities played backwards at regular speed with the help of the editing machine. It sounds lame now, but in 1999 – those halcyon days of Chumbawumba and excite.com – we truly were visionaries.

We dropped tennis balls off the gym bleachers and held our hand in place long after they stopped bouncing, so when played backwards it looked like we were magically summoning them out of the air. We walked backwards down the hallway in between periods, ate mini-donuts while trying to simulate as if we were puking them up whole (not easy), and a bunch of other really bizarre stunts that only make sense when you’ve got a camera in your hand and are amongst equally geeky cohorts. It was insanely fun, and I made friends with some kids I never otherwise would have known (one of my former classmates is a local musician, the other apparently getting the clergy all hot and bothered (he’s the one on the left)).

Anyway, I thought about that class today when a friend sent me this video:

My first thought is, “man, that is exactly the sort of video I probably would have made in my youth, if I had the creativity and spare time.”

Then, realizing how geeky I still am, I immediately got up from my desk at work, walked into the restroom and gave myself a well-deserved, long-awaited swirlie.


One Response to “Apropos of nothing: keeg a neeb syawla ev'I”

  1. Ken March 24, 2013 at 5:16 am #

    I remember my old highschool days when i was the geek and got swirlies. My head was flushed often…

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