Bummed out: the TJ gods take another one

11 Nov

Let us take a moment to bemoan the sad news that Pat Neshek will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2009 season. I’ve been chatting with my old pal Pat of late (note: it’s not considered name-dropping when you grew up with the guy, when you tried unsuccessfully to meet girls together and wiped out while trying the quarter-pipe on our skateboards, when you got kicked out of a Wisconsin Jellystone campsite by throwing a stinkbomb at an outdoor movie screen during family movie night, and snuck out of the dorms during church camp, and man I could go on but suffice to say about a million other dumb adolescent adventures) and during our catching up, we discussed his arm troubles, and though he admitted he was feeling pain and had to schedule an MRI, up until late last week he claimed to be optimistic about the results. Well, there goes the optimism. There goes the season.

So let’s take a minute to be bummed out together (insert disclaimer about this just being a game and at least the dude is healthy and blah blah blah here.). Let’s worry about the business side: particularly the bullpen situation in ’09, of which Neshek was a hopeful cure to the late ’08 ailment. And let’s worry about personal end: that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, a more down-to-earth and humble guy who has fully admitted he wasn’t the most talented amongst us growing up (though he was up there), but made it to the Show through pure dedication and hard work and, well, love for the game. And now, his entire career is in jeopardy. Damn. Life really kind of sucks sometimes.


One Response to “Bummed out: the TJ gods take another one”

  1. Gates November 13, 2008 at 1:42 am #

    This sucks. If Neshek hadn’t gone down this year, the Twins would have made the playoffs, no question. They’d better find a righty set-up guy or next year will be much of the same from the bullpen, I’m afraid.

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