Rep. Michelle Bachman doesn't understand what certain words mean

21 Oct

First, let’s watch this superb video from Minnesota’s very own Michelle Bachmann, who peddles Crazy with a wide-eyed innocence as if she’s an actor who doesn’t understand the language she’s speaking:

Pardon these next few choir-preaching words, but an anti-American jab aimed at ANY politician is ridonk.  Tough to call someone who has devoted the vast majority of his or her professional life to trying to improve our country as anti-American, yes? This is beyond partisan, beyond politics. I mean, I don’t go around accusing everyone who bitches about paying taxes that fund our troops and teachers as un-American, do I? No. That’d be wrong. It’d be funny, no doubt, to see these rah-rah, flag-waving, freedom-fries-eating, pro-Americans squirm for a bit, but still. Wrong.

The above video was sent by my dear internet friend Stu, who stated, “If she wins again, I’m taking my family, leaving the 6th District and moving into your basement.  If you don’t have a basement, I’m prepared to help you add on.  I have a hammer, some scrap wood, and gumption.”

Stu, a response: (1) Of course I have a basement. Where else would I blog? (2) The good news for you is that – thankfully – Bachmann’s comments have come under some harsh criticism, most notably from big guns Colin Powell and Nancy Pelosi. And while the tsk-tsking from the heavyweights have helped to garner some national disdain, here’s the best part:

“Worse, Bachmann’s comment uncorked a gusher of donations to her opponent, transforming a race she had been favored to win into one more worry spot for Republicans.

Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg (ed note: I refuse to believe that’s a real name) said his campaign brought in $740,000 in less than 72 hours, an amount he could only have imagined before Bachmann’s remarks. It took the former state transportation commissioner a year to raise $1 million before that, and Bachmann started the campaign’s critical final month with almost four times as much cash as he had.”

Ha! Justice isn’t guaranteed just yet, but we’re on our way. Proud of you, fellow Minnesotans.


Postscript: As fun and deserved as this bashing has been, I am hereby announcing a moratorium on discussing Michelle Bachmann on this site. Like the Limbaughs and Paris Hiltons and Jay Mariottis of the world, the only reason gloryhounds like this continue to publicly exist is because we keep talking about them. Well, not anymore, at least not here.


5 Responses to “Rep. Michelle Bachman doesn't understand what certain words mean”

  1. BreAnne October 22, 2008 at 12:42 pm #

    I hope this moratorium doesn’t apply to this comment. There’s a good article about this in the strib today, and it seems that Tinklenberg (seriously? I thought my last name was bad…) has raised over $1mil by now, thanks to nationwide donors.

    While I certainly think this is great, I wouldn’t go patting the citizens of the 6th district on the back just yet. Especially in the area where I was raised, I would not underestimate the amount of people who will vote strictly in line with thier religious views, 95% of my family included. Not to mention that Patty Wetterling couldn’t beat her, and you’d be hard pressed to find many people in the sixth who haven’t heard of her or know her story…how many people do you think know what Tinklenberg stands for?

    Like my friends and I would say, bitch is crazy. She was also crazy 2 years ago, and she still won then. I really do hope I’m wrong. But if I’m not, please tell Stu that I would be willing to care for any displaced pets that may not fit in your basement.

  2. RandBall's Stu October 22, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    I’d like to remind Brandon that when she was a State Senator, she tried to rename the 494/694 loop as the Ronald Reagan Beltway.

    That. Was. Awesome.

  3. Numero 6 October 22, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    At least she is easier on the eyes than a lot of politicians

  4. Dave MN October 22, 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    At least, she’s easy on the eyes…

    At least, he’s a guy I’d like to have a beer with…

    At least, he’s not some ivy-league elitist…

    At least, she talks like a high school dropout from outstate Minnesota…

    At least, she only meant it until people didn’t like it…

  5. Cool Rut October 23, 2008 at 6:59 am #

    I got her daughter pregnant.

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