Required reading: Twins offseason plans

6 Oct

Superlative blogger Twins Geek has written up a comprehensive post about the Twins’ options this offseason. Fans of the team: go right now and read it. Don’t make me reach through your monitor, grab hold of your mouse and click on it for you. ‘Cuz I’ll do it. Take a read, collect your thoughts. and head back over here.

OK, here are my hopes and dreams in relation to the 2009 Twins campaign.

#1: I WANT HARDY. And I’m screaming that with Chris Farley’s “I want Holyfield” conviction. He’s young and right-handed with some serious pop – you can throw him in the three spot and slide Mauer up to his natural two spot. Nab J.J., and the Twins are sporting a top-three lineup in the league. Blackburn or Perkins plus a couple minor leaguers? Probably not enough, but it’d be a start. Give ’em Cuddyer too for all I care. Just make it happen.

#2: I’m fine with Buscher/Hughes at third. Hughes had a great year in the minors and projects to have some decent righty power. I don’t see Beltre, Blake, Atkins or the others to be big enough upgrades to justify the expense. I am going to mention here again that Hardy should be the focus, not any of the subpar on-the-market third basemen.

#3: The bullpen will be better. Mijares will be solid, Breslow has been decent, Neshek will be back. Guerrier probably won’t be a factor. Take a flyer on a couple vets (a la Reyes a couple years back) and hope one pans out. There are also enough minor league arms to make me confident the bullpen can regain its form. Not a huge cause for alarm, far as I’m concerned.

All in all, I’m not expecting an overly active offseason from Billy Smith, though he seems ballsy enough to make a few moves just for the hell of it. There are enough crappy vets hanging around (Cabrera, Aurilia, et al) to make me a tad nervous, but on the whole I’m betting Opening Day roster will look almost identical to the team that closed out ’08. And that’s fine by me.

Your thoughts? Do share.


One Response to “Required reading: Twins offseason plans”

  1. Cool Rut October 7, 2008 at 12:37 pm #

    First-I followed instructions and read the geek blog thing first. Second, the idea I liked the most was the JJ Hardy deal. OMG that would so rule.

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