The Tube: 9/29 – 10/5

28 Sep

The weekly feature entitled “The Tube” makes its glorious return. Here is a smattering of shows this week that deserve some DV-R love.


7:00 – Intervention (A&E) – Brooke is addicted to painkillers. That doesn’t offer the potential for insanity you’ll find from the meth or computer duster fiends, but painkiller features are heads and shoulders better than the lame alcoholic episodes. What I learned from “Intervention”: alcohol is the dumbest of all drugs. Sure, crackheads end up blowing their landlords to pay the rent, but they’re not half as annoying as your typical slurry, idiotic drunk.

7:30 – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)


7:40 – Gavin & Stacey (BBC America) – Have any of you readers seen this show? Supposed to be decent, but I’ve never tuned in.

9:00 – Seinfeld (CW) – the classic “The Summer of George” episode.


5:30/9:00 – MLB playoffs (TBS) – For the record, I’m rooting for Twins/Red Sox, Cubs/Phillies, with the Cubbies as my second favorite team after the Twins.

7:00 – Grizzly Man Diaries (Animal Planet) – Profile of Timothy Treadwell, the effeminate nut featured in the must-see documentary “Grizzly Man,” who devoted his life to living amongst and trying to save the endangered grizzly bears; up until one of them ate him. You don’t say.

8:00 – Fargo (IFC)

9:45 – Miller’s Crossing (IFC)


5:30/9:00 – MLB playoffs (TBS)

7:00 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (E!) – One of my favorite movies ever, which I somehow enjoy even more with every subsequent viewing. I have no idea why or how this is on E!.

7:00 – School of Rock (TNT)

8:00 – Vice-Presidential debate (PBS) – Watch Biden absolutely dismantle his untested Republican counterpart Sarah Palin. And, OK, I’ll say it: anyone who calls Joe Biden a “bully” is a sexist. This isn’t a congeniality pageant, for crying out loud.


4:00/7:30 – MLB Playoffs (TBS)

7:00/7:40 – Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBC America)


3:15 – A River Runs Through It (TCM)

5:00/8:30 – MLB Playoffs (TBS)


2:00/5:30/9:00 – MLB Playoff (TBS)

6:00 – Boyz in the Hood (Spike)

7:45 – Raging Bull (IFC) – Embarrassingly, I’ve still never seen this movie. Sorry.

9:00 – Mad Men (AMC) – Best show on TV right now? Possibly.  have no problem with that assertion.

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