One more note about that Sox-Twins series

26 Sep

“They just dinked and dunked us. Found some holes when they needed to.” – Direct quote from A.J. Pierzynski about last night’s ballgame.

Yep, the Twins “dinked and dunked” to the tune of 15 total hits, 7 of which that went for extra bases. Two lasers by Gomez that went for triples, two hard groundball doubles by Span and Harris, a hard liner and a ground rule double from Mauer, a hard-hit ball from Punto and an on-the-barrel out from Kubel. But yeah, besides that, the Twins barely hit the ball. And lest we forget, bucko, YOUR team benefited from a mental error from Gomez and a no-doubt actual error by Buscher to score four of your six runs. So, fine, let’s say the Twins deserve one or two less runs. They still hit better than you lazy whiners.

This just in: AJ Pierzynski is absolutely delusional. Yet another reason he’s such an immature prick. But you already knew that.

OK, that’s all I wanted to say. Go Twins.


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