We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got…meh

22 Sep

The balance of the Twins’ season hangs in the upcoming series with the White Sox. I’ll bet you’re less excited than you thought you’d be, huh? Wishing you were stoked but finding yourself swimming in bad thoughts and meager expectations?

Yeah, I’m there too. Instead of attempting to explain why, I’ll simply link to Twins Geek’s theory and tell you I feel the exact same way. This season has been all kinds of conflicting. We fans started out with tempered prospects, thinking we’d watch a young team take its lumps in an effort to gain some important experience for the upcoming years. But early on it was apparent this was a division for the taking, that the Twins had as good a shot as any to make the playoffs. This could very well be the year. Time to make a run.

But, it never came, for a number of reasons. The Twins have been blowing lead after lead since the all-star break, finding new and inventive ways to lose. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been a whole lot of fun to watch. The Twins have never been the underachievers before, never pissed a lead down their leg and came up short for no good reason. It sucks to watch. And convincing ourselves that this should be considered a bonus year — competing in a year we were expected to be basement-dwellers — has been an impossible exercise. This has been a tough month of baseball. This is not the Twins way.

Anyway, let’s hope the Twins can resurrect the spirit of the fans and turn this thing around. Please.


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