Sympathy, sort of, maybe

4 Sep

My associate Norm and I were discussing this Palin thing – believe me when I say no political move has ever captivated me like this – and the topic came up: don’t you feel bad for Republicans who aren’t into the whole ‘rah-rah, this is a little firecracker of a lady! This li’l pussycat’s got CLAWS!’ thing? Like, people who actually respect experience, and would actually prefer a candidate on their ticket who they’d actually heard of a month ago? Ben Stein is one example:

Poor guy. What he needs to do is stop searching for substance and get on that “she’s going to get the votes from Hillary supporters, because all women are complete idiots who look only at gender when making decisions” train. God bless latent misogyny, right?


One Response to “Sympathy, sort of, maybe”

  1. keith September 5, 2008 at 1:01 pm #

    she should have Henry Kissinger babysitting her…wow

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