Here comes the pain(killer)

18 Aug

So my friends and I are hanging out at my pal Murph’s house Friday night. It’s our standard get-together: drinking beers, watching the Twins, debating everything under the sun until we’re blue in the face, the girls getting sick of us and heading to a bar, us completely ignoring their exit in favor of the chit-chat. Man, do we have fun.

Once we notice it’s well past 3 am, we decide to go to sleep. Before doing so, Murph and I take our preemptive hangover remedy (which works wonders, and this is coming from an owner of epic hangovers): a multivitamin, three Ibuprofens and a huge glass of water. I pop the pills, chug the water and hit the sack.

In the middle of the night, I wake up with a terrible taste in my mouth. It’s of the chalky, dissolved-pill variety, as if one of the pills half-melted in the back of my throat. I’m nauseous because of it. I stumble upstairs, slam some water, and find my way back to bed, where I lie in a combination of pain and disgust, praying to fall back asleep so I don’t have to deal with this taste anymore.

Next morning, I wake to find the taste lessened but still evident. I head to the bathroom, brush my teeth and proceed to take my morning pee. As I’m mid-stream, I do the (slightly gross) sniff-in, spit-out, “hock a loogie” maneuver because I’m a bit stuffed up. So I sniff in, open my mouth, and…

Out drops an Ibuprofen. From my nose, out my mouth, to the bottom of the toilet. Which means I’d somehow stored one of the pills up my nose for about seven hours. I nearly puked.

Soon after, though, I realized I had no hangover at all. So it looks like my future may involve the purposeful jamming of pills into my nasal cavity before bed. Like I said, my hangovers are epic.


2 Responses to “Here comes the pain(killer)”

  1. stinger August 19, 2008 at 3:57 pm #

    The unemployed Murph has better things to do than post on the blog? I miss working man Murph.

  2. Cool Rut August 23, 2008 at 11:47 am #

    Whoa-murph call me if you want free lunchs, climbing walls, heavy drinking co-workers and lots of money.

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