The Cooler: This week in…

7 Aug

MUSIC: A writer from Yahoo! knows the way to this fella’s heart: creating a scientific formula to find the definitive albums of all time. His top 20 is here. Tough to argue with, I’d say.


SPORTS: It’s a shame that Jim Caple even feels compelled to write an article about the idiocy of the “save” statistic. I was hoping everyone would know all that by now. We’ve got some work ahead of us, fellow statheads.


FILM: As MJ mentioned in a recent comment, Pineapple Express is getting all kinds of rave reviews. Here’s a choice excerpt: “The wildcard in Pineapple Express is David Gordon Green, a director known for offbeat, beautiful, semi-improvisational indie films like George Washington and All The Real Girls. He’s an unconventional directorial choice for a mainstream action-comedy, but his impeccable eye defies the indifferent visual style of most Judd Apatow productions, and he has a glancing touch that keeps the violence from mucking up the fun.” Which reminds me, I highly recommend both the aforementioned Green movies.


POLICY: For all the compliments Obama has been given for his charisma and public-speaking abilities, it might be time to give credit to his ability to shit on John McCain without sounding like a jerk. The tire-pressure “issue” is a prime example. McCain makes jokes, then retracts, then decides to admit where he stands on issues, whereas Obama says something like “Senator McCain’s energy plan reads like an early Christmas list for oil and gas lobbyists. And it’s no wonder — because many of his top advisers are former oil and gas lobbyists” and just obliterates him. Poor, floundering McCain.


PHILANTHROPY: A great read from the Freakonomics blog about a multimillionaire deciding to spend a weekend living as a homeless person. The first in a series, I believe.


READ OF THE WEEK: Do you recall the name Tucker Max, the author of a book of essays about his totally sweet lifestyle of getting wasted, banging chicks and generally acting like an arrogant, unfunny douche? The guy with the lifestyle of a spoiled frat boy, the humor of Carlos Mencia and morals of Andy Dick? Well, he somehow has a movie in production, Gawker got their hands on a script, and the content is so incredibly, hilariously, ungodly awful it made my goddamn week. Made. My. Week. The two posts of excerpts are here and here. I defy anyone to think of a worse attempt at humor.


3 Responses to “The Cooler: This week in…”

  1. RandBall's Stu August 8, 2008 at 7:27 am #

    RE: Obama. He also seems to be able to think on his feet (or memorize his lines) better than Kerry or Gore did. That whole “It’s like they’re proud of being ignorant” bit made my week, in that it’s both funny and devastatingly accurate.

  2. roughkat August 12, 2008 at 8:15 am #

    RE: Freakanomics blog

    I didn’t read the entry but this happened in one of Chuck Palahniuk’s book, Haunted. It was their way of getting away from all the parties and people.

  3. norm August 15, 2008 at 11:28 am #

    RE: Pineapple Express.
    Maybe the least funny comedy I have ever watched. Just horrible. I can’t imagine anyone laughing at those jokes stoned or sober.

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