Oliver Stone is somehow even crazier than I thought

30 Jul

I saw the trailer for Oliver Stone’s new biopic “W.” about a day ago. I still have no idea what to say about it, besides: Oliver Stone is somehow even crazier than I thought. And I had him pegged as batshit even before seeing it.

Let’s be honest. You hear about Oliver Stone making a movie about President Bush, and you automatically think: obvious takedown. That’s a given. But, in watching the trailer, it seems like Stone actually digs Bush, like he realizes the guy isn’t the sharpest knife on the tree but fuck, man, this guy’s a bit of a badass, y’know? A cowboy from a freer time, banging broads and birddogging the beaver, raking in money at the card game, knocking back beers and even challenging daddy to a fight for good measure. He may be a couple fries short of a Sunday brunch, but goddamn if he ain’t a good ol’ boy through and through.

I’m just saying. “W.” looks confusing and terrible and hilarious and strange, and I’m still trying to decide whether my ten bucks and two hours is worth the laugh riot. I’ll have to get back to you.


One Response to “Oliver Stone is somehow even crazier than I thought”

  1. mj July 31, 2008 at 11:20 am #

    Do my eyes deceive me or is that Dexter playing W.?

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