Twins notes: game 105

28 Jul

A few random notes typed up while watching the Twins’ 7-0 victory over the White Sox. 100+ games into the season, 1.5 games out of first place – this is going to be a fun couple months.

{-} In the pregame show, Dick Bremer commented that Carlos Quentin “might be the league’s MVP this season.” I wasn’t aware he was even a contender, so I checked his stats and…actually, maybe. He’s 1st in homeruns, 2nd in RBIs (dumb statistic though), and 5th in OPS. I was all set to make fun of Bremer’s assertion, but it turns out he wasn’t that far off. (Though, just so you don’t start thinking Bremer is THAT smart: Jermaine Dye, Quentin’s teammate, is having an even better season.) (Just so you don’t think Bremer is that smart, round 2: Players more deserving of MVP this season include Ian Kinsler, Grady Sizemore, A-Rod and Milton Bradley, amongst others.) (OK, it wasn’t the smartest claim in the world. But, still: less dumb than I originally thought. Small victory for Bremer.)

{-} How great is FSN’s new play-by-play camera angle? I’m a fan. Positioning it over the top of the pitchers rather than off to the side gives the viewer a better idea of how the pitches actually look, rather than lefties looking like they throw looping curves and every righty having a crazy tailing fastball. Which just isn’t true, goldurnit.

{-} This actually may have been Slowey’s most important start of the season. With Liriano dealing in AAA, you have to assume one of the current starters will soon be demoted. Livan apparently has pictures of Gardy, Bill Smith and the rest of management in some bukkake incident or something, so he’s not going anywhere, and Baker has been one of the better starters in the league. You’d think the other three guys have a relatively shorter leash, and may soon find themselves in the ‘pen. (My vote would be for Perkins, whose .794 OPS Against is the worst of the three.) Speaking of Slowey: this is probably as good a time as any to admit I’ve been saying he will eventually be a better pitcher than Brad Radke. There. It’s on record.

{-} AJ Pierzynski, blonde ambition. You know, AJ’s douchiness has gotten so clichéd, it’s not even fun to laugh at him anymore. Calling out radio personalities, appearing in professional wrestling matches, having teammates call him out for his laziness, getting punched by opponents…it’s like he got his personality from a Clichéd Douchebag Handbook or something. Though, with that platinum blonde look, I’m betting he has to fight the black guys off with a stick.

{-} Miller’s “The genuine are out there!” commercials? Fucking retarded. I can’t stand when companies make realist “these aren’t actors, they’re real people!” ads and use people featured in about a hundred other shows and commercials. The guy leading the Miller ads was in “The Office,” for crying out loud! So annoying. It’s true: beer companies think we are the stupidest species on earth. (Further evidence: “going on a cheese run.”)

{-} From the Department of Retardedness (note: not a real department, or word): Nick Punto sliding into first when there WASN’T EVEN A THROW. He could have rounded the base, but instead decided a belly flop was in order. I can’t wait until he slides into first on a ground-rule double.

{-} Time to ‘fess up: I was one of the many Denard Span non-believers. And I don’t think that was necessarily an unfair opinion. A cursory glance at the guy’s minor league stats show a below-average prospect at every level (anyone who claims to have seen this coming is a moron who should not be listened to), but he has been damn impressive thus far. It’s not just the currently gaudy stats I’m digging – they’re nice but won’t last – but more so his phenomenal defense and mature approach at the plate. I’m totally gay for guys who know how to take a pitch, and as such, I’m on Team Span. Color me converted.

{-} Funniest moment of the season: seeing Nick Swisher’s glove catapult off the fence and shoot about 30 feet in the air after trying to rob Morneau’s homerun. I giggled, then chortled, and once I saw the replay I was in like a full-on guffaw.

{-} I’m sure you can guess my thoughts about the potential LaTroy Hawkins acquisition: aw hells nah. I agree he hasn’t been as bad as his 5.71 ERA shows (.729 OPS Against isn’t terrible, nor is his 1.44 WHIP), and he miiiiiiiiight be worth a flier during spring training ’09, but not now, not when we’d have to give someone up, not when we’ve got plenty of guys on the staff (and in the minors – I’m not Bobby Korecky fan but the guy did post a .689 OPS Against while he was up here) who should be able to do no worse than Hawkins for the rest of the year. (Note: I support this trade in full if it will allow us to get rid of Adam Everett or Mike Lamb.)

{-} I was all ready to throw down the race card on the Twins fans’ confusing disdain for Delmon Young – who has actually been pretty damn good these past few months – but their equally confusing love for Carlos Gomez – who has been terrible, but you knew that – points to a general fan appreciation for hustle, attitude, fearlessness and blazing speed. Which makes sense, I guess. Still think Young’s getting a raw deal, but now I’m pointing to his surly demeanor rather than his skin color. Score a win for America! Kind of!


10 Responses to “Twins notes: game 105”

  1. Jon July 28, 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    As for my reaction when Swisher’s glove shot off, I’d say it was originally a chuckle, but graduated to about 85% of a cackle.

  2. Gates July 28, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    I was in the centerfield seats. I didn’t know what was going on until I saw someone from the Sox bench run a glove out to center. It was at that time I saw an usher sprint up the stairs while “secretly” carrying the original glove next to his hip like a gun in a holster while relaying the successful retrieval of the glove via walky talky, rather than simply yell to Swisher (about 40 feet in front of him) that he had his glove.

  3. RandBall's Stu July 29, 2008 at 7:29 am #

    I’ve noted before that one should boo those who boo Pierzynski, due to his performance whilst a Twin and the value we received in the trade.

    I was not counting on him doing that to his hair. A re-evaluation is in order, I suppose.

  4. Toonces51 July 29, 2008 at 8:26 am #

    Regarding beer people thinking we’re stupid–I think it might be advertising and marketing folks in general, to be honest.

    Which is funny, because I went to school for both, and I never remember them telling us to make ads that are stupid, talk down to the audience, etc.

    Still can’t believe I haven’t made enough to retire in this industry, yet.

  5. Keith July 29, 2008 at 11:30 am #

    I am curious your thoughts on this line of thinking. In this purely statistical (quantitative) era of production analysis should we look at MVP’s only under that lens? For example, a few years ago Shannon Stewart was being floated as a potential MVP candidate for the difference he made for the Twins. Was that purely statistical or was their a qualitative assessment being made based on the fact that the teams performance improved after he came aboard.
    Another example, you mention Grady, Milton, AROD, Kinsler, and I think we could also throw in Hamilton to that mix. Aside from the Yanks these guys are playing for piss poor teams. Should the team they play for matter? Is MVP really a MSSP (Most Statistically Significant Player) or is more like MVS&TP (Most Valuable Statistic and Team Player). How valuable is a player if they don’t get their team over the edge…and how do we quantify the edge (is it the edge of mediocrity, the edge to a Wild Card Berth, Best record?)

    Just some thoughts…I would love to hear your analysis.

  6. Lyman July 29, 2008 at 12:57 pm #

    To mention Kinsler without giving Hamilton props is silly. I’m giving you a pass though since I’m sick of hearing stories of Ham’s brave battle with “H” and how he hates his tats. ARod and Morneau mean more to their teams success than Kinsler as well.

  7. B. July 29, 2008 at 1:57 pm #

    Keith, et al: I am going to try to address these questions in a separate post. Be on the lookout.

  8. Endofmygrudgeguy July 29, 2008 at 8:54 pm #

    I want a question addressed. Why do I have to wait two years between NE Pub Crawls and most others have to wait one? Wait, that is not the real question. I have a few. Was I supposed to notice that beer companies are talking down to me or am I as dumb as they think I am? Regarding the camera angle deal-I almost sent you a text to explain to me what changed but I did not want to appear dumb. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to learn what happened. I am thankful for your site, keep the ideas flowing. Peace. If you get the joke-let me in on it.

  9. B. July 30, 2008 at 9:15 am #

    For the last time: YOU WERE INVITED TO THE BAR CRAWL. I had no idea inviting you via phone rather than evite was this devastating. Cripes.

  10. Gates July 31, 2008 at 4:53 pm #

    I consider these guys in the running for AL MVP:

    (Not neccessarily in any order)

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