Feel free to ignore this post about the Timberwolves

1 Jul

twolves-new-logo.jpgI’ll try to keep my burgeoning interest in the Wolves (some of you may know I’m sharing season tix with this guy and this guy) to a minimum, but I wanted to pass along two links that suitably sum up my lingering thoughts on the trade.

Thought #1: the cap space cleared up by the deal can’t be ignored. My favorite Wolves blog Canis Hoopus explains:

If Donnie Walsh came to Minny and made a trade that completely cleaned up the mess (within a year of the big KG trade) we’d all be singing his praises.  Folks, I can’t say it enough: this team went from KG, crappy contracts, lost draft picks, and a roster filled with malcontents to a roster with young talent on 5 year slotted rookie contracts, 2 supremely talented frontcourt players, draft picks, a talented stashed Euro, and a ton of cash available in what will likely be the biggest free agent season in NBA history, and they did so within the span of a single year.  My only post-KG quibble will be with the decision not to move Theo Ratliff’s deal, as they could have had a player like Miller (or Miller himself) at midseason while still making a draft day deal that would have brought them additional assets.  Ratliff’s deal was far too big of an asset to simply let expire.

The Wolves could have 2-3 1st rounders next year (as well as valuable 2nd rounders for Euro players) in a draft that could bring them a guard like Ricky Rubio, Tyreke Evans, Demar Derozan, Stephen Curry, or Nick Calathes.  The off-season after that they could max out a guy like Deron Williams or Tyson Chandler while bringing over Pekovic for the big push in 2010.  This is the best way forward and this FO has played their cards about as well as they possibly could have since the KG trade.

Tough to argue with that, right? I was briefly stoked about the future until I addressed another issue lingering in my brain…

Thought #2:  I still don’t understand how we’re going to use Al Jefferson and Kevin Love together. Empty the Bench best illuminates this concern. I’ve read the experts’ viewpoints; no one yet has been able to explain how having two similar players – neither can play center, neither works at small forward – is going to work. I’m still confused.

I’d ask you readers to chime in, but I’m pretty sure most of you stopped reading long ago. Forget it.


2 Responses to “Feel free to ignore this post about the Timberwolves”

  1. Keith July 2, 2008 at 1:34 pm #

    Never knew you rolled with such elite company.
    Did you give up a HR to a pitcher? No blog about that? That has to be a story people would love to hear.
    I can’t wait to see Love and Jefferson defend Amare and Shaq.

    I think they are set at the offensive end between Millers shooting and Love’s passing. It should make Al a 25 and 10 guy. But man will they struggle on the D end in the post.

  2. B. July 2, 2008 at 5:14 pm #

    Keith, I don’t want to talk about it. But I totally agree with your thoughts about the Timberwolves.

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