Congrats to KG good going smiley face emoticon

17 Jun


A hearty congratulations goes out to Minnesota’s departed son Kevin Garnett on finally finding that elusive NBA championship.

Franchise, if I may address you personally: hearing the first words out of your mouth – after all the mumbles and tears and incoherent shrieks – of “This one’s for ‘Sota” … well, Big Ticket, I’m not one for getting the chills, but dammit if I didn’t zone out a bit and find myself coming to with a huge grin on my face. Speaking as the official representative of Minnesota (self-appointed), I will say: you we’re damn happy for you. Damn happy. Ecstatic even.

Oh, and when you later found Bill Rusell and said “I hope I made you proud”? Well, there went that huge stupid involuntary smile, once again. Proud of you, KG.


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