Q: how many feminists does it take to get a joke?

8 Jun

jezebel.jpgI’m not sure this story is something you’d call “important” or even “interesting,” but it entertained me for upwards of fifteen minutes last week, so I’m passing it on to you. Here goes.

A couple days back, the people over at Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 blog wrote a post entitled “How Barbara Walters Saved America From Hillary Clinton’s Thunder Thighs” that went:

The vaginas over at Jezebel just posted this clip of Barbara Walters, who revealed on The View — for the first time ever — that she is sort of responsible for Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits/legacy.

See, before this one time when Baba interviewed Hillary during a blizzard, the former first lady made brazen public appearances in dresses, exposing her ankles and calves and maybe even knees for an entire nation to gaze upon in shocked, disgusted horror.

It was all especially horrifying because, as Barbara helpfully points out, Hillary is… how shall we say… pear-shaped. Shaped like a pear. She’s got some junk in the trunk. She’s smaller on top, heavier on the bottom. She is a lard-ass.

So anyway, thanks to Barbara Walters we never have to worry about seeing Hillary’s lower extremities ever again. Phew!

It just goes to prove that old saying: sisterhood is powerful.

That’s decently funny, right? And more importantly, it was, as anyone with a discerning brain and appreciation for wit can clearly see: satire. A simple joke about Barbara Walters being super proud of herself for advising Hillary to wear pantsuits, as if that actually matters.

Ever the fun-loving sort, the Jezebel folks started ranting and raving like only feminists can, decrying the content as rampantly sexist. An excerpt:

…let’s not even get started on what I shall generously call the “content” of your post. Wow, it’s so creative and original of you to comment that Hillary’s got a big butt in, like, 5 completely different ways! Including “lard ass,” which, frankly, I’m sure you know plenty about since you spend your day sitting on one of your own, trying not to crush your tiny, tiny penis and floppity testicles between your hairy, sweaty lardy thighs while shifting positions to scratch said sweaty lard ass. Did you reach down during one of those momentous scratching sessions and pull out this little dingleberry just for your readers? How sweet, and equally rank.

Dude, go fuck yourself because none of these vaginas (or, we assume, plenty of others out there) will be fucking you any time soon.

The comments following up the post continued in this angry bent, with the few rational comments of the “um, I’m not sure you understand the joke” completely drowned out by the fist-shakers and man-haters. Always nice to see feminists totally meet their “humorless” stereotype. (That sound you just heard is every reasonable woman on earth smacking her forehead.)

After the rant was posted, the Indecision people responded again, by graciously explaining the joke (which was actually written by a woman) and gently reminding the Jezebelles of a thing called “satire.” Which I’m sure made them even madder. Because they’re insane.


2 Responses to “Q: how many feminists does it take to get a joke?”

  1. Cool Rut June 9, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    Q:How many feminists does it take to get a joke? I think a better question is “How many feminists wear watches”? None, they don’t need one because there are clocks on stoves. If you don’t think that is hilarious then you are a feminist.

  2. Cool Rut June 9, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    How could Gene Love Jezebel?

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