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3 Jun

livan.jpg{-} Another fantastic read from Deadspin’s Dark Side of the Locker Room series: “There Goes My Hero: Golden Richards Won’t Wake Up.”

{-} This one has been written about/poked fun at ad nauseum elsewhere, but Woody Paige’s latest column really needs to be read to be fully appreciated. It just tickled me pink, no kidding. In it, Paige proposes the Rockies trade Matt Holliday, which is a legit claim, but then suggests a few heelarious options. The Tim Lincecum one is the most precious. I also love this bit, which is so zany I’m wondering if Woody’s actually trying to get fired:

The Rockies were good and lucky during a couple of months that ended in “ber” last year, and the National League pennant will fly for- ever in LoDo. But for most of the months that end in “ril,” “ay,” “une,” “uly” and “ust” the past 11 years, the Rockies have been bad (below .500) and unlucky.

Jesus. Was there no other way you could have written that, kiddo?

{-} Another funny column from a writer clearly just desperate for attention and willing to say anything to get people talking. The writer: Jemele Hill. The argument: a Pistons-Spurs NBA finals would have been much more interesting. Friendly suggestion to Jemele: alienating 90% of your readers in the first sentence ain’t the best way to kick things off.

(Note: both the above columns were properly skewered at the incomparable Fire Joe Morgan.)

{-} Pat Jordan’s Slate essay about the changing role/waning relevancy of print journalists is superbly written.

{-} Jeremy Tyler, a sophomore high school basketball phenom, is going to be the subject of an upcoming documentary. Just wanted to give you a heads-up, so you can say you knew him when. Whether he turns out to be LeBron or Arthur Agee remains to be seen.

{-} Twinkie Town brings up an idea I’ve been bandying about amongst my associates: trade Livan Hernandez at the trading deadline. Please. Any halfway decent prospect will do. The only thing standing in the way of this idea is Livan somehow being a worse pitcher than I predicted, and I was a pretty loud hater about the trade from the get-go. If he can pull off a few decent starts (though I don’t know how), I’d be begging management to sell sell sell.  Any pretend value he brings with “veteran leadership,” “grit,” a “battler” etc. is trumped by him being “bad at baseball.”

One Response to “Links: sports sports sports part whatevers”

  1. Cool Rut June 4, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    Cool Rut has a better idea regarding Livan. Trade him right now. Look up the list of pitchers in the last year of their contracts when their teams fall out of contention; Livan will have less value. Get a serviceable triple A guy to help Rochester win/injury replacement and a lower level prospect.

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