Linkage: Colbert, indigenous people, redneck weddings, Coen brothers

2 Jun

burnaftereeading.jpgKeeping the commentary mercifully short today, owing to a rough, rough day of recovery after a historic session at the not-very-fun-but-I-keep-attending-anyway Grand Old Day on Sunday night. Brain is mush. Can’t concentrate.

{-} The Comedy Central Insider blog alerted me to a conservative political website called Country Above Self, which allows readers to vote for their selections of True Patriots (George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, etc.) and Traitors (Hillary, Gore, Wesley Clark, etc.). Curiously included on the True Patriot list: Stephen Colbert. The website’s intro about him is just spectacular:

Colbert, a native southerner, is the conservative counterbalance to Comedy Central’s resident liberal Jon Stewart. Colbert is best known for his furious defense of President George Bush and sharp criticism of the Main Stream Media at the 2006 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. He is well known for his undying admiration of Bill O’Reilly and his scathing parodies of homosexuals (the ambiguously gay duo) and blame-america-firsters (you know who you are). The best part is that liberals often mindlessly mistake his genuine outrage for sarcasm and believe he’s on their side while he’s quite effectively evicerating them. Stephen Colbert…a true patriot in every sense.

Being too lazy to conduct even two minutes of research to locate various sources of Colbert freely admitting his Democratic leanings is one thing, but not understanding obvious satire is like a whole ‘nother level of pathetic.

{-} This story about the indigenous tribe of Brazilians has to be a hoax, right? Like a harmless second coming of the War of the Worlds radio prank? Incredible. Just…incredible. (The five-photo slideshow can be found here.)

{-} You know, I’ve always found it to be really unfair when people paint Arkansas as some backwoods state full of uncultured rednecks and hayseeds. Not cool, people; just ease off. I mean, sure, when you hear about a recent shooting at an outdoor wedding, you may think, yeah, well, that’s Arkansas for you. But if you actually read the story, and find out the reason for the crime was:

There were reports that the suspect’s dog and the wedding couple’s dog got into a fight, and it escalated from there.

Then, you should be like: totally, totally understandable. You’re alright by me, Arkansas.

{-} The trailer for the Coen brothers’ upcoming movie Burn After Reading (set to be released 9/12) can be found below. Looks good.

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