Links: sports sports sports part III

18 May

malone.jpg{-} Karl Malone? Bad, bad dude. One of the worst.

{-} The estimable Jon directed me to this map entitled the “United Countries of Baseball.” Very cool.

{-} My favorite entry in Deadspin’s “Dark Side of the Locker Room” has to be the Lou Pinella story.

{-} Mr. Rand recently published a conversation between the two of us regarding “race, blogs and mainstream media.” Take a looksie, if you wish.

{-} The completely delusional Jason Tyner on the Twins’ decision to release him this past offseason: “I thought I had earned my stripes (in Minnesota). I had a tough role. You’d go a week without playing, but I thought I did my job. I guess they didn’t think about that when they made the decision. I’d like to get a shot at them. I know that.” What threat! I’d hate to see an angry Jason Tyner groundball-to-second us to death. What a dick. And a pathetic one at that.

{-} If Bill Simmons were still around (technically he is, but not really), I’m damn near certain he’d anoint the following “Baseball Boogie” video to the Unintentional Comedy Hall of Fame. The only thing that rivals this is that “Viva Viagra” commercial. Good god. And to think I actually used to respect Orel Hershiser.

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