Four links, from me to you with love

15 May

gonnapissonyou.jpg{=} I enjoyed Jerry’s Springer’s quote about his talk show: “I recognize it has no redeeming social value. It’s just like chewing gum – it won’t kill you, but it won’t make you feel very good either.” That’s so true. The other day I bit into a stick of Dentyne and immediately thought, “Man, I am ashamed of my country.”

{=} Yearning for an R. Kelly trial update? Of course you were. Check out Vulture’s post. “Not on trial, however, is R. Kelly the Artist, who’s already been convicted by the court of public opinion — of being fantastic.” I second that emotion, Vulture.

{=} Only in Wisconsin: “Kids, mom lived with 90-year-old’s corpse for weeks in [Wisconsin]” Apparently a religious “superior” visited their home and advised that leaving the corpse in the house would magically cause Brett Favre to un-retire. (Groans from audience.)

{=} Another superb link from New York Magazine: The 2008 Electopedia, a one-stop source for all kinds of interesting tidbits about our presidential candidates. Categories include Foreign-Policy Experience, Best Speech, Most Embarrassing Gaffe, Dirtiest Campaign Trick, even Diet. Chock-full of conversation-starting material. May cause you to waste an inordinate amount of work time. Proceed with caution.

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