HIMYM recap: "Did you guys know Nell Carter had died?"

5 May

himymrebound.jpgI never expected this week’s episode, “Rebound Bro,” to be as great as the last few. The Barney/Robin hookup seems suitably solved and the conclusion to “The Goat” is on pause, meaning, for the first time in recent weeks, there wasn’t a huge plot twist looming over the episode’s onset. So: my expectations were tempered.

Even so…

Do you remember how I’ve been claiming that HIMYM is the only show that represents my age group and social standing (post-college yet not quite ensconced in suburbia and/or adulthood)? Well, the credibility of that outlook took a huge hit this week. Namely: because a couple rationally discussed sex before actually doing it. They (in this case, Ted and no-way-is-she-the-mother Stella) even referred to it as “being intimate.” With a straight face.

Here’s the obvious misfire: this never, ever happens in real life. Not with these people. I mean, never. Like, “George Bush readily admitting his mistakes” never. “Joe Morgan studying statistics” never. “Peter North missing his mark” never. The implausibility very nearly ruined the episode.


But, then Will Forte came along and saved the day. Playing Barney’s rebound bro after his “bro-keup” (ha ha! What? No? Sorry.) with Ted, Will’s “Randy” is like the dorkier brother of Andy Bernard. He can’t strike a conversation to save his life and proves to be an unmitigated disaster on The Scene. But: Forte is hilarious. So hilarious that he steals every last scene he’s in. His post-bro-invitation celebration dance was maybe the biggest gut-busting moment of the season, at least according to my funny bone.

So, while the “A” storyline served only to progress the Stella relationship, and to a lesser degree show the downfall of Barney’s status as Ted’s bro (and, I suppose, Marshmallow and Lilypad’s rampant sex life, but we knew that already), Will’s appearance as the rebound bro rescued the episode. Here’s hoping he returns to HIMYM this season. In Will’s character, I’ve found that relatable thread missing in the show.


After all, I, too, get nosebleeds every time I have an erection.


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