HIMYM recap: "The Goat"

28 Apr

himymthegoat.jpgLast week I took a brief respite from posting stupid videos and links to other, more interesting pieces than I’m able to construct to lament a most risky plot twist from How I Met Your Mother, one of my favorite shows. For those few of you that (a) still haven’t seen the episode of which I wrote, and (b) are still planning to and thus don’t want me to ruin anything by revealing more spoilers, I’ll post my recap from this week’s episode after the jump.


So, overall, not a bad recovery, right? I found the post-hookup happenings to play out fairly close to what I’d expect in reality. The next-day scene: both Barney and Robin swear to never tell anyone, and, of course, both keep the secret for what seems like less than 24 hours before spilling the beans. Barney delays his confession by trying to find a loophole in his famous “Bro Code” (with the reluctant help from a horrified, yet hot-dog-enjoying Marshall) to eschew himself from wrongness, whereas Robin spills her guts directly to Ted in a matter of moments. When Barney finally breaks the news to Ted, Ted reveals he already knew (punctuated by a well-deserved punched to the nutsack), and the episode ends with an irate Ted telling Barney he doesn’t know if they can be friends. It’s one of the darker moments in the series’ three years. Which feels right. It feels real, at the very least. Nice save, HIMYM.

Unlike most episodes, the main storyline wasn’t balanced by a “b” plot; the entire ep dealt with the morning-after stress and eventual fallout of the harsh truth. The flashbacks to Ted and Barney’s adherence to the Bro Code allowed the show to showcase its always-enjoyable timing gags. (Example: we cut from a scene just as Marshall is about to crack a sure-to-be shaken beer, and a few minutes later, we cut back to the living room to see him rushing from the kitchen toweling off his hair. So good.)  There’s a minor tease involving a pet goat and its calamitous presence, but the details aren’t yet revealed.

So, for next week, we’ll see not only the disastrous story of the goat (and the juicy-as-all-get-out nugget that Robin may be living with Ted on his 31st birthday, which I can only describe by punctuating with multiple question marks???????), but learn how exactly Ted will explain to his kids how he forgave Uncle Barney for sleeping with Aunt Robin. Happily, I can’t wait.

One Response to “HIMYM recap: "The Goat"”

  1. Jables April 29, 2008 at 12:33 pm #

    Some episode highlights:

    Barney’s office wall filled with motivational posters.

    Ted: “Do you want my xbox?”
    Barney: “Ted, she has a name!”

    Lily: “Did he have…devices?”

    Barney’s mental “bpeg folder”.

    Robin high-fiving Barney for nailing the Metro 1 News chick.

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