Short-n-sweet edition of "This week in…"

13 Apr

gary-louris-200-040408.jpgLOCAL MUSIC NEWS: Promising news for Jayhawks fans: Gary Louris and original co-founder Mark Olson have reunited to record a new album. Titled, “Ready for the Flood,” it is set for release this summer. Fun fact: the Jayhawks were my favorite band ever at one point in my life. Let’s hope the latest effort is more “Tomorrow the Green Grass” than “Sound of Lies.”


ESSAYS ABOUT MOVIES: Joe Queenan from The Guardian does his best to choose the worst movie of all time. I stand by my selection of Crash, but his exploration was a fun read.


BOOB TUBE PROGRAMMING: NBC “jumped the gun on a mid-May ritual” by revealing its lineup for next year. Friday Night Lights is getting 13 more shows, and there will be a spin-off of The Office. Details of the spin-off haven’t yet been revealed, which leads to an interesting discussion topic: who are going to be the stars? I suppose my money would be that it’ll center on Andy.


CONTINUED HILARITY FROM THE ONION: “These Tropical-Colored Braces Are Going to Get You So Much Ass.


FORMER CELEBRITY HIJINKS: Vanilla Ice, ask the awesomely named Robert Van Winkle, was arrested this past week for domestic battery. Just in case you were wondering what the guy has been up to.


NEW MOVIES: Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been getting solid reviews thus far. It will be released this Friday, nationwide.


READ OF THE WEEK: Again, from New York Magazine, one of the very best publications out there: all you need to know about Isiah Thomas’s deplorable management of the New York Knickerbockers. Might want to print this puppy out and bring it to the can; it’s a long one.


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