Legally required to link

2 Mar

apple.jpgFor the last four of you who haven’t yet heard of this site, I present to you Stuff White People Like. Good times; very addictive. If you’re like me, you’ll laugh heartily at all the entries that don’t describe you — #40 Apple Products, for example — yet decry all entries that do — i.e. The Daily Show/Colbert Report — as blatantly unfair. It’s a fun game. (I will reluctantly admit at least 75% of the entries describe me to a T. Shit.)

OK, now go spend the rest of the day at that site and come back tomorrow for more cliched, elitist yipster content. World of B: ashamed of being white since 2003.


One Response to “Legally required to link”

  1. andrea March 4, 2008 at 12:53 pm #

    i love the swpl site… hilarious!

    the h20 bottle thing… so true.
    and the mos def thing.. also true.

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