Michael Cuddyer: geek or sheik?

28 Feb


*This will likely be featured on Randball later today*

Phil Miller of the Pioneer Press recently noted that Twins outfielder Michael Cuddyer is something of a brilliant magician. Apparently he’s got close to 45 minutes of top-notch sleight of hand material; he has amazed his teammates during spring training with his textbook trickery.

This leads to a question: does this information make you like Cuddyer more, or less?

On the one hand, having such an innocent hobby (one shared with Dunder-Mifflin’s Michael Scott, it stands mentioning) makes Cuddy seem more human, more of a regular guy, a stand-up sort of fellow with whimsical interests. Doing magic is eminently more relatable than some of the more common hobbies enjoyed by professional athletes, like collecting jets or diving into pools of gold medallions.

On the other hand … come on, man; magic? If it wasn’t for role-playing games and fantasy movies, magic would be the nerdiest of all adult diversions. We’ve all read the University of Illinois’ recent study that found no one who has perfected a magic trick has ever been laid. That’s common knowledge.

Cuddyer may be “normal,” but so am I, and so are you, and everyone around us is normal as well. Do we really want the athletes on our beloved sports franchises to be someone we could easily envision joining us at our lame parties and sitting in the cubicles next to ours, discussing recent innovations of wrinkle-free slacks? The heroes of yesteryear, your Joe Namaths and Ted Williams and Eddie Gaedels, would have slapped the taste out Cuddyer’s mouth for his inherent geekiness. Have our standards been lowered to a point that an admitted dork like Cuddyer – he didn’t even try to hide his shameful hobby! It’s as if he isn’t embarrassed at all! – can remain in the general public’s good graces?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Seriously, I’m curious.


5 Responses to “Michael Cuddyer: geek or sheik?”

  1. MJ February 29, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    You laugh at him now B. but you wont be laughing once he’s been hanging above downtown Minneapolis in a glass box for thirty days….AH! HE’S BLOWIN’ MY MIND!! how does he go to the bathroom?

  2. Cool Rut February 29, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    I took a magic class when I was in 5th grade that was offered through Community Ed. I was very popular at the time and was considered “the man” at my school. I practiced hard on my tricks and convinced my teacher to let me perform in front of the class. Little did I know that I had would have a serious case of nerves. The first trick did not work, flustered I tried another and that failed too. A few kids had the balls to snicker at the king but all did when the nerves got the best of my bladder. Yep, totally wet the pants. Never been popular since, my nickname was “soaker” for a long time. I blame magic for everything from my low self-esteem to my overactive bladder.

  3. cooler rut February 29, 2008 at 10:31 pm #

    i think the overactive bladder is a genetic thing, because i have to go to the bathroom about three times an hour, and double when ive had a few beers. isnt there a pill out there for such a problem? i cant remember what its called but im going to look into it, ill let you know how it goes cool rut, maybe we can overcome our problem together. oh yah, after seeing micheal scott do magic, i am convinced there is no other hobby that screams nerd as loud as magic. still love Cuddy though.

  4. K March 10, 2008 at 9:59 pm #

    I imagine you still talk with Pat at least occasionally. He is the most regular guy I can think of from high school. He never stood out to me as any kind of hero jock. Except he did always wear his hat like a baseball player. I just watched the KARE 11 extra on Pat’s website for sports card trading. They called him a dork once or twice in a 5 min segment. I guess its makes me feel like you don’t have to be super human to become a famous sports player. You can be a regular guy that trades baseball cards like Pat or does magic tricks like Cuddy. You can even hang out with some of the local fans for a beer or two. Or maybe I’m just used to that minnesota charm that our Twins have always had.

  5. mel May 15, 2008 at 9:51 am #

    cuddy’s a total geek. i love it! :)

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