This week's assignment: songs of the century

16 Jan

musiclist.gifThere is a debate that has been raging amongst my friends — raging, I say; friendships have been strained — and the time has come to involve the readers as well. You want in on this?

It starts with a question: what are the 10 best songs of the 21st century?

It continues with a clarification.
In this instance, the term “best” doesn’t necessarily mean your favorite, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the most popular. It’s a combination of the two factors — songs that were both embraced and respected by the masses. It’s a rare feat, but the songs that make the cut will be the ones remembered by future generations.

I’ll offer an example: TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is loved by anyone who has heard it, but it wasn’t considered a popular song. 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” was atop the charts forever, but its popularity was more flash-in-the-pan than a sign of an enduring hit.

You now have your assignment. Ten songs that our kids will know, that our generation will be remembered by, that will continue to be embraced by the masses long after their disappearance from the charts.

It ends with a list.
My list is complete, but I’m not going to publish it yet. For now, you’re just getting the topic. A week from now, my list will be revealed in a separate post. So get to thinking about your selections, and plan on submitting them in the next post’s comments.

(Warning: this is an extremely challenging list to compile. The music scene is so segmented these days, chances are only a few songs will stand the Generation Test. You probably won’t be very confident of your bottom-of-list songs. Just be aware of that before you get cracking. Keep in mind, this is a prediction and nothing more.)


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