Try to refrain from seething with jealousy when I tell you…

14 Jan

dublin.jpgIn two days, your hero B. is headed across the pond to Dublin, Ireland for a short vacation. Got some crazy-cheap roundtrip tix, so starting Wednesday and continuing into next week, the lady friend and I will be spending our time walking ’round the mother land, kicking back and basking in the culture. We’re pumped.

Now, mind you: I didn’t report my impending vacation just to rub it in your face. That was a big part of it, yes, but not all. I am also writing with the intention of asking if any readers can share some travel-related Dublin tips. Where to go, what to do, sights to see, beers to drink, etc. Got any insights? Feel free to light up the comments or send an email to brandon [at] Thank you in advance.

Things to do while I’m gone:

– Rent The Heartbreak Kid. Much better (or at least funnier) than I’d anticipated. The movie’s best line is up for debate, but my favorite is “You’re not doing it!” Two other (unprintable) lines – one involving something being crushed, and another involving a request for Ben Stiller to behave more like an African-American male – are actually just as good.

– Get out of work by gluing yourself to your bed. A foolproof strategy.

– Buy yourself a bottle of absinthe (now legal!) and let the good times roll.

– Read an enjoyable feature that finally puts to bed that whole “what if you could find a hockey goalie fat enough to fill the entire net?” thought that you probably never had in the first place.

– Put your life savings on the Patriots. (Note: I was 0-4 in my NFL predictions this past weekend.)


– Remember that only the real losers ditch their resolutions in January. Keep on truckin’. Winners keep their resolutions going until at least mid-February.

– Buy seasons 1 and 2 of The O.C. and watch every episode in the span of a week. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? Oh, right.


2 Responses to “Try to refrain from seething with jealousy when I tell you…”

  1. cooler rut January 15, 2008 at 9:15 pm #

    i have to agree with the heartbreak kid being hilarious and completely unexpected. The only problem is i watched it with my little sister and my dad. It was a tad awkward but not nearly as bad as when on a trip by my grandparents to visit me at school last year i suggested we all watch The 40 year old virgin. Now i hadnt seen it in awhile so forgot how nasty it was. Anyways just imagine watching that with your grandparents and mother in the tiny family room of a motorhome, it was horrible!!

  2. cooler rut January 15, 2008 at 9:16 pm #

    as far as tips for Dublin, never been there so i have nothing, my apologies!!

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