The Cooler: it's gettin' close to the end, y'all

30 Dec

giuliani_drag.jpgSix links worth checking out:

>>’s “Most Peculiar Stories of 2007” and a recap of the year’s top quotes. I love Joseph Biden’s comment about Rudy Giuliani: “there’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun and a verb and 9/11.” Not the year’s most memorable, but great nonetheless.

>> For you sports fans who didn’t see nine-year-old Max Gerlach’s goal on SportsCenter, you can check out the YouTube video. I spent my time as a nine-year-old collecting as many pairs of Zubaz and overall shorts (one strap undone, obvs) as I could, so I’m more than a little jealous of this kid.

>> (Award-winning transition alert!) Speaking of sports and early 90s fads, American Gladiator is set to return. The premiere is January 6 on NBC. The preview video is surprisingly hilarious. Highly recommended clip.

>> News on Cracked is hilarious. When is the Cracked squad going to get their own TV show? As if FX or E! couldn’t squeeze them into their lineup.

…And two must-reads:

>> The esteemed New York Magazine’s feature on Rudy Giuliani: excellent. Balanced, informative, insightful, well-written. One of my favorite reads of the year. The most telling quote of Giuliani’s character (imo), from a former deputy mayor Fran Reiter: “Whatever issues I have with him, I believe Rudy saved New York. But I’m not convinced the things he did as mayor, and the way he did them, will translate well into the presidency. I know a lot of good people he pushed away. There’s a tendency for Rudy to personalize stuff and be unforgiving of differences of opinion.”

>>’s  “2007: Seven Things We Should Pretend Never Happened” is phenomenal. I have nothing more to add.


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