The tube: 12/17-12/21

16 Dec

cousineddie.jpg“The tube”: a (mostly) weekly feature. Below is a guide to what’s on TV the upcoming week. Take a ganders and set your DV-Rs accordingly.

All times are CST.


7:00 pm – How I Met Your Mother – CBS (Repeats, indefinitely.)

7:30 pm – MNF: Bears vs. Vikings – ESPN

9:00 pm – The Soup: 2007’s Best & Worst Moments in Pop Culture – E!

9:45 pm – Kinsey – IFC


7:30 pm – Shallow Hal – Fx (See, this is why the writer’s strike sucks so much. The only interesting options on TV are old movies that were barely watchable the first time around.)

9:00 pm – The Real Housewives of Orange County – Bravo. (So plodding and uninteresting that I actually don’t mind it; it’s a welcome change of pace from all the overly-edited, forced drama in the reality genre. So thank you, RHoOC, for showing that life is mostly boring even for the filthy rich. )

9:15 – A Christmas Carol – AMC

9:30 – Derailed – Encore

11:30 pm – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – TCM (“You serious, Clark?”)


6:00 pm – NBA: Pistons @ Celtics – ESPN

7:00 pm – Dodgeball – FX

7:30 pm – Bend It Like Beckham – Oxygen

8:00 pm – Mythbusters: holiday edition – Discovery


7:00 pm – NBA: Lakers @ Cavaliers – TNT

7:00 pm – Blazing Saddles – AMC

9:00 pm – The Office – NBC (Repeat: “The Fun Run”)

10:00 pm – National Lampoon’s Animal House – AMC


6:00 pm – NBA: Bulls @ Celtics – ESPN

7:00 pm – Home Alone – FX (OK, I’ll say it: this movie isn’t terrible.)



That’ll be it for this week. Happy vegging out.


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