Site news: under the knife

3 Dec

surgery-clipart.jpgReaders: just in case you care, I thought I’d report that I’ll be going under the knife tomorrow for a (supposedly minor) surgery to repair an injured ulnar nerve. The nerve is located in my left elbow; the injury is baseball-related. I’ll be in a splint for a week and can begin rehabbing in two months, with the ultimate goal of being able to pitch next season, and at the very least being able to sleep on my left side for more than five minutes without my entire arm immediately falling asleep. So there you go.

Updates to the site this week will be either frequent (because I’m home from work and have loads of time on my hands) or sporadic (because I’m all Favred out on Vicodin). Feel free to check back to find out. You can also send me reader mail (brandon [at], keep me company.


One Response to “Site news: under the knife”

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