Music roundup

24 Oct

music-symbol.jpgFour things music lovers oughta know:

>> A recent Silly Pipe Dreams post features over 50 mp3s, free for your downloading pleasure. Lots of quality stuff in there – Wilco, Beck, Gnarls, Cold War Kids and the Gym Class Heroes’ sweet “The Queen & I.” This link should keep you busy for a while.

>> This is relatively old news, but important nonetheless: Radiohead is allowing you to purchase their new album “In Rainbows” at whatever price you want. This is absolutely true, perfectly legal and as Spicoli would say, awesome, totally awesome. I paid $6. Seemed about right. Any first-blush reviews from the readers?

>> Speaking of new albums, Dan Wilson finally released his long-awaited album “Free Life.” Haven’t picked it up yet, but considering I haven’t yet heard a song by Wilson I didn’t like, my plan is to download it soon. And I’m just saying it to be saying it, but Wilson is a first ballot hall-of-famer for the “men who look like old lesbians” website I referenced the other day. Is that Dan Wilson the rock star, or Mrs. Wilson the old high school english teacher? (And all the sudden, “Androgynous” is playing in my head.)

>> I’ve been freaking out about defunct band Beulah for the past few months, but until now, hadn’t yet been able to come up with a reason to write about them. What to say? Great band, been broken up for a while, just realized how much ass they kick, nearly perfect sunny indie pop, hope you find and appreciate them as much as me? No hook there. So I was intrigued to notice the AV Club just devoted a place for them in their “Permanent Records” feature. Take it from me, or take it from the AV Club – Beulah is a fantastic band that died way before their time. Grab what you can off Hype Machine or purchase their stuff wherever you buy music … I’m giving them my full-fledged endorsement.


One Response to “Music roundup”

  1. A.B. October 25, 2007 at 6:25 pm #

    I bought “Free Life” last week and haven’t taken it out of my car CD player yet. While there are several songs I skip right over (Baby Doll makes me cringe), for the most part I am amazed. Dan Wilson is an incredible musician and, in my mind, a phenomenal songwriter. He definitely is comfortable tapping into his feminine side; his falsetto and heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics may not appeal to those who like a little more testoterone with their music. But, while I don’t care for chick flicks, I am bowled over by a sensitive man who can sing, write, play guitar and piano, and be an all-around decent guy, as Dan Wilson is renowned to be. As for looking like an old lesbian, I come to his defense as one who happens to be fantastically unphotogenic myself. I think that’s just a really bad picture of him on the Current site. He looked great in the Star Tribune piece earlier this month. Favorite songs: Hand on My Heart and All Kinds.

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