Must be Thirsty* Thursday

18 Oct
einstein.jpg* Thirsty for anecdotes, that is!

You surely don’t know this, but commenters Cool Rut and A.B. and I routinely engage in long, rambling email discussions throughout the week. During a recent round, when the topic turned to a classic quote from Einstein, Cool Rut shared a quick story:

“You know the poster with Einstein on the bike? A friend of mine had that framed and hanging in his living room.  Another friend of mine asked the homeowner “Is that your grandpa?” Still tickles my funny bone.”

You might want to read that one again.

I’ll allow A.B. to reinforce the insane hilarity in that story: “I laughed out loud at the notion that someone would think, “Hey, that person has a poster of their grandpa in their house.” Never mind that they didn’t know it was the theory of relativity guy. Who has a poster of their grandpa?”


One Response to “Must be Thirsty* Thursday”

  1. Cool Rut October 18, 2007 at 11:27 am #

    I wrote that last week and it’s still ticklin’. Reminds me of a joke I heard when I was traveling across South Dakota. Someone asked a co-worker when it was Mountain time? The person replied “In SD it is mountin’ time when a sheep gets his head caught in a fence”. I will leave it to you to figure out why the Einstein story reminds of a bad joke.

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