The aftermath: the Twins (and yet another way they let me down this season)

4 Oct
twinslogo.jpgA few readers will remember when, back in April, my then-roommate Spoon and I set over/unders on the predicted stats of the 2007 Minnesota Twins. After agreeing upon the lines, we had a draft to select our bets and put $5 per on the results. The final tallies are below. And before you ask: yes, I fully realize you don’t give a shit about this. But I vowed to publicly post the results if I lost, and as you’ll see, I got spanked pretty good. Guess I’m not a genius.

Let us never speak of this again.


Luis Castillo: .300 (over: Spoon)

Little Nicky Punto: .260 (under: B)

Baby Jesus Mauer: .335 (under: Spoon)

Cuddy Bear: .290 (under: B)

Big J Morneau: .310 (under: Spoon)

T-Nuts Hunter: .270 (over: B)

J Kubes: .275 (under: Spoon)

Rondell White: .260 (under: Spoon)

Jay Bartlett: .290 (under: B)


Johan Cytana: 2.85 (over: Spoon)

BOOF: 4.50 (over: Spoon)

Ramon Ortiz: 5.00 (over: B)

Carlos Silva: 5.00 (under: Spoon)

Sids Ponson: 5.00 (over: Spoon)

Matty Garza: 4.50 (under: B)

Pat Neshek: 2.50 (over: Spoon)

Joe Nathan: 2.00 (under: Spoon)


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