The Cooler: "juiced up" version

9 Aug

bonds.JPGThe Cooler is a collection of the most interesting stories from the past week. Runs every Friday, unless it doesn’t.

The New Pornographers’ new disc “Challengers” will be available on August 21. This Minneapolis-based music blog has a review and four songs available for download, and you can get a fifth free song from the Pornographers’ website. First-blush review: the new stuff is fantastic; a clear return to the power pop that made them so great to begin with. Maybe a bit more introspective than their past work, but the prog rock/Jefferson Starship-sounding sound featured on the previous disc “Twin Cinema” is refreshingly absent. I’ve listened to “All the Old Showstoppers” three times in a row now.


I don’t exactly know what Bill Kristol was trying to say with his comments about the I-35 bridge collapse, but it pissed me off anyway. I don’t like the term “benign view,” especially just days after the incident.


The #1 pick in the NBA draft is by all accounts a great guy, and probably dorkier than you. If you can believe that. A couple excerpts from the Oregonian profile:

– He still lives with his mother in the Indianapolis apartment he grew up in and he still works out at his high school gymnasium. Until last week, his primary transportation was his mother’s Ford Taurus. And, yes, he even dines at places such as Cheeseburger in Paradise.

– The only noticeable “jewelry” Oden wears around his neck is a red Ohio State shoestring necklace that holds a plastic pouch and doubles as a wallet. He rarely leaves home without it.

– Oden says he is in the process of purchasing the Tualatin home of former Blazers guard Juan Dixon — a place that will come almost fully furnished.

Oden has not even the smallest desire to deck out the house.

“Nooooo,” he says, shaking his head. “I go in there, and there’s stuff already there, I don’t have to worry about anything. As long as they change the sheets, I’m good.”


Here is a reason many bloggers and online writers dislike the mainstream media. I was mostly just shocked to learn that Sports Illustrated is still in business.


Filling out this questionnaire bummed me out so much I immediately drank myself stupid. Good luck to all of you.


Shocking news out of the Chicago Bears camp: linebacker Brian Urlacher uses the term “what the crap?” when expressing his outrage. Feel free to tell your insanely annoying Bears-loving friends that their favorite player is a geek. If I were on the coaching staff of the opposing team, I’d print off that article, highlight the quote and hang it on the team bulletin board in an effort to inspire confidence. No player should be intimidated by a guy who talks like that.


An excerpt from the Star Tribune’s CJ in a column earlier this week:

THE QUOTE: “Our message to the Twin Cities is we want to get this bridge rebuilt as quick as possible,” President Bush said Saturday.

THE PROBLEM: In that sentence the word is quickly, Mr. President, not quick.

CNN’s T.J. Holmes corrected the president in a subtle fashion by simply not quoting him verbatim. Holmes said that Bush said the priority is that “that bridge is rebuilt as quickly as possibly. …”

This was not the president’s only unusual usage of language, but, believe it or not, I am being restrained because a matter of tragedy brought him here.

We remain emotionally upset about this horrible tragedy and justifiably so, because there are those still submerged in watery graves. Correcting the president, this time, gives me pause, but not as much as the leap of faith required when getting on any plane or any bridge, even before last week.

I was not the only one who noticed what the president said, as indicated in an e-mail from the “Broxey” household.

Probably a half-dozen people called me to report they noticed my name in the paper — of course, each one started out by saying, “it’s the strangest thing, I never read CJ, but I happened to glance at it today…” as if I believe them. Anyway, I have to admit that I’m not the person who wrote in to CJ. It was the only other known President Bush-hater with the Broxey last name – my grandma. Kudos, Grandma, good lookin’ out. Oh, and thanks for the “grammar nazi” gene – my friends all hate me because of it.


The obvious big news of the week was Barry Bonds hitting his record-breaking 756th home run. My three favorite articles on the news:

“Why I Refuse to Watch 756 and Give Bonds Any Glory” – by Larry Brown. I can’t come close to matching his vitriol, but I thought it was a decent article.

“Bonds hits #756; Everyone Appears to be OK” – by mjd.

“The Breaking Point” – by Chuck Klosterman. This essay was written a couple years ago, but still resonates today. In my eyes, it’s not only the best article about the Bonds saga, but it’s the best thing ever featured in ESPN the Magazine and Klosterman’s greatest essay.


One Response to “The Cooler: "juiced up" version”

  1. Ms. Minneapolis August 13, 2007 at 6:17 am #

    regarding bill kristol. after discussing it will friends we know what is missing. when you watch his body language there is no empathy or compassion. yes he has a point of view i don’t agree with, but i can get past that. what his comment was indicative of is this: he and others who are “talking heads” for msnbc, fox, cbs, etc. are so tied to their ideologies and political beliefs (in this case kristol is anti-big government, pro small-govt so the idea that there could be more of a federal plan of any sorts to inspect bridges goes against his ideologies) but they are so stuck in their beliefs that they will defend them to a fault and to a point that will make them appear not compassionate or do i dare even say, unhumane.

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