miTunes: country music for people who hate Toby Keith

8 Aug
countrymusic.jpgI am constantly accused of hating country music. This is untrue. I’m just not a fan of popular country music, which is a pretty precise distinction; the Kenny Chesneys and Garth Brookses and Reba McJudds and Rascals Sugarflatts and what have you just don’t tickle my fancy. The overwhelming majority of popular country hits sounds like a bunch of close-minded morons adding offensively stupid lyrics to over-simplified rhythms (Toby Keith being the grand marshal of the jackass parade). Sorry, it’s just not my scene.

That said, I do consider myself a country music fan; I dig the acoustic guitars, the dominant vocals, the personal lyrics. I’ll even confess to knowing every word to “Fishing in the Dark.” This is something I cannot deny.

To elucidate my appreciation of country music, below is a list of my favorite songs that (I feel) fall within the genre. The resultant mix CD would be a perfect gift for two people: (1) your friend who likes country music but hasn’t yet ventured past the radio hits, and (2) your friend who claims to dislike the genre because of those very same radio hits.

1. “Copperhead Road” – Steve Earle

2. “Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight” – Whiskeytown
3. “Pick Up the Change” – Wilco
4. “Windfall” – Son Volt
5. “Nightclub” – Old 97s
6. “This Time” – Gear Daddies
7. “When I Get to the Border” – M. Ward & Zooey Deschanel
8. “Mrs. Leroy Brown” – Loretta Lynn
9. “She’ll Come Back to Me” – Cake
10. “Let There Be Rock” – Drive-by Truckers
11. “Love Me” – Little Willies
12. “Blue” – The Jayhawks
13. “The Weight” – Lee Ann Womack
14. “Two-Way Action” – Nora O’Connor
15. “Shelter” – Ray LaMontagne
16. “King of the Road” – Rufus Wainwright & Teddy Thompson
17. “Come Pick Me Up” – Ryan Adams
18. “In Lieu of Flowers” – Sarah  Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion

One Response to “miTunes: country music for people who hate Toby Keith”

  1. andrea November 1, 2007 at 5:54 pm #

    another great list…

    i, too, dislike-WITH A STRONG PASSION- popular country music… it’s gross.

    whiskeytown/ryan adams, lucinda williams, early neko case, old 97’s, gram parsons,
    uncle tupelo, wilco, drive-by truckers(patterson is the best!), hank III, dave alvin the
    guilty men, elvis costello on ‘almost blue’, slobberbone, and emmy lou are just a few
    of my country faves.

    sorry, i coould go on forever…

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