The Cooler: re-posted because I'm an idiot

6 Aug

pillow1.jpg(This is the post I ran earlier today that got somehow screwed up. I don’t know code so I couldn’t fix it; I just had to delete and re-post. I’m pathetic. Please help.)

Your Monday morning link smorgasbord:

>> Comedian Zach Galifianiakiananes stars in Kanye West’s new video. Strange. Funny.

>> The Pope believes in evolution. Pass it on.

>> Amy Sandber is the latest guest on the hilarious Michael Showalter Showalter.

>> This list of the “world’s sexiest beaches” is going to make you fume with jealousy (unless you’re actually at one of the beaches right now, in which case you’re definitely not reading this, in which case it makes it a lot easier to tell you to go to hell, you lucky bastard). Great list and all, but can a beach be accurately described as “sexy”? I mean, it’s not like you can physically have sex with a — oh, right. Never mind.

>> Donovan McNabb joins the blogging ranks; the world waits on edge for missives on the best Campbell’s soup flavors and the general douchebagginess of Terrell Owens.

>> Here is a great gift idea for any woman who is desperate and alone and loves being reminded of it. (In other words, I don’t see this being a top seller.)

>> The McSweeney’s Files #1: E-mails Sent Between Members of New Edition Regarding Their Reunion Tour. Funny and all, but, well … New Edition didn’t sing “Poison.” Bell Biv Devoe (3/5ths of New Edition) did after NE split up. In light of that fact, is the article (a) still funny, or (b) kind of embarrassing? I say B.

>> The McSweeney’s Files #2: Exclusive! Leaked Excerpts From a Screenplay Written By My Grandparents In An Attempt To Cash in on the Superhero Movie Craze. The best thing on McSwy’s in a loooooong time. The must-read of the week — nay, month.

>> Just to let y’all out-of-town readers know, I wasn’t involved in the 35W bridge collapse disaster last week. My friends and family are all safe as well, which is relieving a guilty sort of way. There were others much less fortunate. I don’t have the skills to write anything even remotely profound about the surreal tragedy, so I won’t even try. Instead I’ll offer this light-hearted anecdote:

My associate and roommate-to-be Norm lives less than a mile from the bridge (he was unharmed as well). He was sent the following note by his aunt the next day. She is clearly (and in this case, hilariously) not interested in reading what she wrote before sending:

From: [The aunt]
To: [Norm]
Subject: Hi
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 13:42:20 -0500

Were you anywhere near the bridge go home yesterday? I’m glad we were home already. Hope you were on it.



One Response to “The Cooler: re-posted because I'm an idiot”

  1. Ms. Minneapolis August 6, 2007 at 8:17 pm #

    Now THIS i can read. thank you.

    Regarind BBD — i wish they would have only reference “Mr. Telephone Man” which would have been funny to me given that their conversationi is over e-mail. I agree with you on choice B. and where is the return cameo by Boys II Men, like BBD does in “Motown Philly.”

    Now that’s something I need to see. Open Window and youtube Motown Philly. Ah the glorious days of the 90s.

    But I beg the question — is Donovan really blogging or his mother blogging and use his name? I think it needs to be discussed, because she thinks she is the #1 mom in all of sports. I disagree. It’s either hockey mom Ms. Stastny from the hockey brother trio or the Sutter mother or more recently I’m sure the proud Staal mother — how do you get disorderly conduct in Lutsen of all places? And a consumption ticket to boot. Oh those Canadians sneaking into Minnesota.

    As for the note to Norm. one word: wow.

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