Oh no I didn't just make your day

14 Jun


Two pieces of news that should, in all likelihood, brighten your mood. Exactly how much brighter kind of depends on your love for music — casual fans will probably nod and smile with muted satisfaction, while fellow obsessives will probably stand up and dry hump the air for a while out of sheer giddiness. Or maybe that’s just my thing. Anyway, on to the reasons for this excitement:

1. I finally tracked down an mp3 of Tony Lucca’s cover of “Devil Town,” which was the song played during the final sequence in the season finale of “Friday Night Lights.” It’s an amazing tune that will likely be featured on the show’s upcoming soundtrack. Thanks to the above link, you don’t have to wait. I can all but promise you’ll love it.

2.  As I’ve been downloading more and more songs from blogs, I’ve begun wondering if there could be a website to make this activity easier. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that actually allowed you to search blogs specifically for mp3s?” I asked myself before deciding the idea was just too great to be legal (much like prostitution).

Well, there is a site like that. It is called elbo.ws and it’s the greatest thing since squeeze jelly. Just head to the site, type a band into the search function, check the “mp3” box and get to downloadin’. A reminder: these songs are free, and yours to keep for eternity. In the past hour I’ve downloaded new tracks from The National, Arcade Fire, The Good The Bad and The Queen and Bloc Party. I then decided to kick it old school and snagged a few forgotten hits from my teenage years – Spacehog’s “In The Meantime,” K’s Choice’s “Not an Addict” and, I ain’t too proud to admit, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Tha Crossroads.” And I’m just getting started. I suggest you do the same.


One Response to “Oh no I didn't just make your day”

  1. Mr. Shain June 15, 2007 at 9:11 am #

    OH! i just downloaded K’s Choice “Not an Addict”… makes me feel so edgy.

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