The Cooler: got a whole lotta links

29 May

mensmax.jpgWe’re back in full force ’round these parts, mixing it up in the comments and providing a hearty list of time-wasting links for your enjoyment. Let’s get right into the action.


The best of Junkiness this week: The Plot Thins…. #3 made me laugh almost as hard as the ottoman-gangbang video, which doesn’t quite seem possible. And yet it is.


Hey, I love f*cking with co-workers as much as the next guy, but even I’m not this bold. This is the epitome of an “I’m Keith Hernandez” moment in the broadcasting world.


News story out of Amsterdam: “A 37-year-old woman suffering from an inoperable brain tumor wants to donate a kidney before she dies and will choose the recipient from among three contestants on Dutch national television.” Sign of the times, kids. At this point, my proposed reality game show concept of seeing how high you can throw your cat in the air and still have it land on its paws doesn’t seem so ridiculous now, does it? Think I might put another call into my guy at Spike to see if he’s reconsidered his rejection/suggestion I seek professional help.


Food for thought: is horse racing that much different than dog fighting? MJD brings up a good point, or at least a point that warrants mentioning during a drunken conversation if you want your party guests to get bored and leave, as I so deftly proved last Friday. It’s highly possible this debate is only interesting to me. And I’ve made my peace with that.


You’ve all heard the audio of Ozzie Guillen’s (my favorite manager in baseball hands down, by the way) on-air argument with a Chicago talk radio host, yes? My favorite part is when the host starts yelling, “Don’t go talking to me like you’re talking down to somebody!” as if shock jocks deserve to be treated any other way. The host reportedly ended the segment with, “But I drive a Dodge Stratus! People at work are afraid of me!”


Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s death. The Current’s music blog has a worthy discussion topic surrounding his career.


The perfect Father’s Day gift: MensMax. Thank god this product has finally hit the market — dipping my wang in butter was beginning to get expensive.


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