The Cooler: a smorgasbord of nothingness

10 May

brewers-fan.jpgFour quick links to get you through the day:

Hey, an actual reason to visit Pitchfork: an insightful, informative interview with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Care about the band, or the landscape of music in general? If so, then dig in.


In a move that absolutely no one* could have predicted, Starbucks’ “The Way I See It” campaign — in which famous quotes questioning the importance of religion or existence of God appear on coffee cups — is actually receiving quite a bit of negative feedback. What an unexpected** turn of events. Executives are hoping to reverse the criticism by turning their next topic to the issue of abortion. Analysts are lauding the move as a shrewd strategy to right the ship***.

* Anyone

** Painfully obvious

*** No they are not


One Brewers fan is so excited about the team’s early-season success that he’s resolved to pee his pants if they make the playoffs. He has set up a website to start a pants-peeing movement. When recruited to help the cause, the entire Brewers fan base responded with, “Well, I can promise to pee them again. Does that count?”


(I can’t find a link to this story, sorry.) Fox 9 News went undercover to report another earth-shattering story this week: that some Twins autograph-seekers are actually selling the autographs (sound bite: horrified gasps), rather than keeping the memorabilia as proud keepsakes. Really? You think so, doctor? Not to be outdone, Kare 11 is planning to go undercover next week to the Fox 9 production meetings to search for signs of intelligent life.


One Response to “The Cooler: a smorgasbord of nothingness”

  1. Ms. Minneapolis May 13, 2007 at 5:17 pm #

    that’s because fox 9 hearts their own sensationalism. screw BA degress from prestigious school across the country, they heart their own “we should make this a story” even though their is no story. i think it’s part of the national fox branding. only kstp 5 does it better, you recall kristin stinar digging through minnetonka and gated community eden prairie dumpsters. that was just edward r. marrow journalism at its finest.

    makes me sad i have a journalism degree minus the broadcast. although i do love the flick broadcast news, which sadly many gen y’ers, especially j-school gen Y’ers have not seen.
    it ranks #2 after slapshot. i digress.

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