Gordon Bombay is not happy right now

17 Apr

ducks.jpgObviously the Anaheim Ducks need a bit of a refresher on their team’s roots. They should hunker down in the team A/V room, pop in the first Mighty Ducks movie and witness how it all began. Ducks are underdogs. The fun-loving, fan favorite pipsqueaks who initiate team quack cheers and eventually embrace the talented-yet-arrogant stud Adam Banks as they unite toward one common bond of playing the game the way it was meant to be played, and winning with class. Just like Emilio Estevez taught them. That’s the way Ducks are supposed to behave. Somebody should remind these guys, because today’s Ducks are playing like a bunch of classless goons.

You all saw that Anaheim player jump Adam Hall as he was engaged in the classic one-on-one battle of fisticuffs, yes? When has that been an appropriate maneuver? Since the beginning of ice hockey, has that ever been okay? And what about Brad May’s sucker punch that soon followed? This is not Nam, guys. There are rules.

Ah, but I kid. Truth is, I couldn’t get enough of the Ducks’ villainous behavior, even though the drama (including the over-the-top angry broadcasters) eventually took on WWE levels. The roommate Spoon was pretty riled up, at one point taking on a Chris-Farley-impersonating-Schwartzkopf intensity (“I want Holyfield! It’s the war on the shore!”) while slamming his fists into the couch and screaming expletives at the telly.

Me, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s just sports, and all fun and games anyway, so we might as well appreciate the goons and the nonsense and the pageantry, and just embrace the NHL for what it is. Old-school to its core. The lustful boos from fans, Burns cheering a victory while being dragged to the penalty box, Boogaard provoking the Ducks bench once the game was well in hand, all capped with a blowout victory…that was hands down the most entertaining hockey game I’ve seen in years.


One Response to “Gordon Bombay is not happy right now”

  1. Numero 6 April 18, 2007 at 9:40 am #

    Having grown up in Minnesota myself, hockey is a strong passion I share with other fellow “puck heads.” Heck, this is the State of Hockey afterall. It’s no wonder I found myself acting like Spoon by yelling at the TV like May was going to hear me through the wires. No beach bums from California are going to come to the State of Hockey and fight unfairly. There is a “code” to fighting in the NHL. The bottom line it comes down to is “professional courtesy.” Now, I like hockey fights just as much as the next guy, but when the other team, especially if they are from Cali, thinks they can double team and sucker punch our boys from the north just because our regulater (Boogy Man) is on the bench….all I have to say is watch out Ducks. Game 5 might not be so pretty!

    I need a drink.

    -Numer 6

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