(Random) Idea: early-recording voicemail

15 Apr
cell.jpgHere’s something I’d love to have: a voicemail system on my cell phone that secretly begins recording right when my voice message kicks in, rather than the standard after-the-beep timing. To the caller, the message would sound the same, but while they were patiently waiting for the beep, the recording mechanism would already be capturing the conversation. The catch: I’d be the only one who has this software, so no one would ever know such technology existed. I imagine I could catch some priceless material with such a device.

I can picture my various family members bitching about me never answering my phone. People singing in their cars right up until the beep. Friends making fun of me behind my back, co-workers predicting I’m not picking up because I’m drunk again, others simply talking to themselves…hell, maybe a random chick or two glumly wondering if I’m ever going to call back.

People say some crazy things, either to themselves or others, while waiting for that beep. I’d pay top dollar for the technology to capture those moments.

Come on, tech geeks, make this dream a reality.

One Response to “(Random) Idea: early-recording voicemail”

  1. Scootman April 15, 2007 at 9:55 pm #

    I left you a message asking you to email me your address. Hasn’t happened yet. What you got for an excuse “umm,, I check my messages only after I turn off my computer and then I forget to do it the next day” ?

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