The Cooler: Because it can't get much colder (the hating Minnesota edition)

5 Apr

keithrichards.jpgWhat we’ve learned this week:

** So, if you happen to mention you once snorted your late father’s ashes, and then later claim to have only been joking…yet most of the public is more shocked by the latter news, then you sir are one helluva rock star. Kudos.

** We’re going to be treated to at least one more year of Jack Donaghy squeezing the comedic mindgrapes out of every last one-liner. To this I say huzzah.

** The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn sings about growing up in Minnesota, is a huge Twins fan, and has a stalker who may or may not be writing a bullet-pointed blog entry from a PDA while camped out in the bushes outside Finn’s apartment.

** Joakim Noah REALLY loves his mother. Like, to an inappropriate degree. (Chit-chat topic of the week: who exhibited more embarrassing March Madness behavior: Noah passionately embracing his mother like Lloyd Christmas hating goodbyes, or Adam Morrison’s mid-game cry session last year? Morrison received ten times the amount of flack for his weenie behavior, but if we’re ranking manliness, I’d take the competitive tears over a kid trolling through dozens of superfans hoping to find his mommy. I was actually embarrassed for him. So: who’s the bigger wuss? Discuss.)

** Looks like I’m having Subway tomorrow.

** Those poor saps who still haven’t downloaded iConcertCal will love new concert notification site TourFilter. TourFilter’s a great new resource, but seriously, stop being a moron and get iConcertCal.

** Blog shout-out of the week: The National Anthem Before a Cubs Game, which is actually about Minnesota sports. Well-written and highly comprehensive — put it this way: if you were wondering just what in the heck the Alexandria IceDogs have been up to lately (a query that often keeps me up at night, frankly), TNABACG will let ya know. Definitely worth a bookmark for those interested in the sporting life.


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