miTunes: The Current, March '07

3 Apr
thisisnotmyhead.gifA monthly series with a simple premise: one CD’s worth of the best songs played on 89.3 The Current throughout the month. Two criteria: (1) the songs have to be obscure, underground and/or mostly forgotten, and (2) they must be pop friendly. I wade through The Current’s deep catalog of music (listening to it nearly all day, every day at work) to discover the hidden pop gems.

1. “Requiem” – M. Ward

2. “Fiction” – The Concretes
3. “New Romans” – The Alarmists
4. “Everybody Needs a Fence to Lean On” – Headlights Headlights
5. “Honey White” – Morphine
6. “I’m Further North Than You” – The Wedding Present
7. “Teen Angel” – Dean & Britta
8. “The Zookeeper’s Boy” – Mew
9. “All in Good Time” – Ron Sexsmith
10. “She’s Right” – Smoosh
11. “Nobody Has to Know” – Spain
12. “Thanksgiving Day” – Ray Davies
13. “Oh, MJ!” – The Little Ones
14. “Parade” – Pretty Girls Make Graves
15. “This Old House” – Loretta Lynn
16. “We Used to Vacation” – Cold War Kids
17. “Let My Love Open the Door” – M. Ward
18. “Dream” – Alice Smith
19. “All The World’s a Song” – Teenage Prayers

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