Don't come around here no more

3 Apr

haleyidol.jpgDo you remember when American Idol was fun to watch? Do you recall such a time? I do. ‘Twas an era filled with ridiculous, over-the-top performances that served for primo impersonation fodder, mixed with the occasional talented artist, all complemented by Paula Abdul’s frighteningly incoherent babblings. It was an odd formula full of odd moments, but dammit all, that formula served us well.

Sometime between the crowning of Michael McDonald Junior Taylor Hicks and this current season, that formula got lost. Season six’s contestants are either untalented, boring, or both; and Paula’s newfound lucidity ain’t helping matters neither. The result: this season is no fun.

Sure, most of the remaining singers exhibit slight hints of talent or an actual personality, but not enough to sustain my interest. And if my interest, my slacker, no-life-having, TV-is-my-best-friend interest is waning, I can’t imagine how bored the go-getters must be. Time to face the facts, Idol has finally jumped the shark.

Which is all a long-winded way of reporting that I’m officially retiring the Idol recaps. I’m out. Consider this my eulogy.

I will miss Haley, though. Sweet jesus, will I ever.


One Response to “Don't come around here no more”

  1. Joel April 4, 2007 at 4:22 pm #

    “Time to face the facts, Idol has finally jumped the shark.”

    Amen, sister.

    And it came out of nowhere. They had so much momentum going into this season, and then–POOF!–Sanjaya and Co. had to ruin it for everybody. Bastards.

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