U of M students: I hate you all, you lucky bastards

29 Mar

formatmascot.gifAttention all University of Minnesota students: set down your beer, drop the bong and visit this site. Follow the directions, sign up, put in your time, go to the show, call me and report how it went. Okay? Okay. Done and done. Good day.

For those of you who aren’t Gophers, just listen to what those fortunate pricks get to do: they put in 10 hours of volunteer work — which (climbing atop my high horse) they really should be doing in the first place — and receive a FREE TICKET to see The Format (opening for Guster, but Guster is not the story here, not at all) at the Nortrup. You heard of The Format? They are the best. Probably one of my favorite bands on earth. Not from around here. Never play here. And finally, finally finally finally they are going to be in town, but I can’t go. I’m not a Gopher, see. So I’m out of luck.

But you, current students, you have the opportunity. Go now, you spoiled co-eds, go on out there and live the life I wish I could. You. Lucky. Sunsabitches.


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