The Cooler: not as cool as usual

8 Mar

zachg.jpgHappy Friday. Did you come here looking to waste a few minutes? Of course you did. Since I aims to please, here’s some time-wasting content I enjoyed reading this week (sans commentary since I’m too entrenched in our state hockey tournament to care):

–> Zach Galifianakakaiskessis was the AV Club’s most recent interview. Can’t get enough of this guy.

–> The best post on Junkiness this week was the list of proposed pick-up lines. I’ll tell you, none of these can be as bad as the “baby, do you realize how boner-inducing you are?” line I’ve been trying out lately. Not recommended.

–> Little known fact: the head chef at Las Vegas’s Cafe Bellagio has served time in prison for dealing crack. Learning this little nugget made me want to head to the Bellagio toot suite, because you know anyone who’s been locked up can appreciate a good meal. Not to mention a nice rape-free shower, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

–> Amelie from The Hater pretty much sums up the lunacy behind Conservapedia, but I’m still not sure I believe it’s a legit site. It’s just too ridiculous. If it is an honest-to-god venture, well, our society is in a little more trouble than previously thought. Seriously, try to spend more than three minutes there without trying to gouge your own eyes out with your car keys.

–> Blog shout-out of the week: Babes Love Baseball, written by Sooze and Lizzy, two chicks who originally made their mark on the infamous Deadspin comment threads, holding their own against the cruel fellas (myself included) who inhabit the joint. Worth a bookmark for fans of the national pastime, sarcasm, and chicks who dig sports. I’m 3-3, and thus read daily.


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