You had me at "Welcome to The OC, bitch!"

22 Feb

bilson-40.jpgTonight is the night that we (or, more accurately, I) say our final goodbye to The OC. This isn’t going to be easy. How am I supposed to offer an appropriate farewell to one of the most ridiculous yet addictive shows of my lifetime?

We had so many good times together. From Ryan’s short fuse to Seth’s wooing of Summer, to Marisa’s awesome lesbian phase to Sandy Cohen’s gentle guidance, the show had its high points. The first two seasons were about as good as television can get; sly, sarcastic entertainment couched in an easy-to-swallow teen soap genre. It was like lightning in a bottle.

And sure, you took a nosedive sometime near the beginning of season three, and it’s pretty much undeniable this Marisa-less season four has been a freefall into the abyss of over-serious programming. We all knew the end was near.

But it happens to every show. You burned out rather than fading away. I respect that. But, at the very least, you introduced the masses to new music and new super-hot actresses. You brought me The 88, Stars, Imogen Heap, Matt Pond PA, Mischa Barton, Autumn Reeser and Rachel Bilson.

I’ll come clean, OC. You absolutely ruined an entire week of my life a couple years back, and the mere admission of watching you has led me to be teased mercilessly by my friends, but it’s all good. I can take the heat. We had some good times, and I’ve always got seasons one and two on DVD to remind me. Thanks for the memories, and, most importantly, the eye candy.


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