J-Mac's Finds of the Day, volume 1

20 Feb
In the first of what may become a running feature here at the WoB, I present to you J-Mac’s Finds of the Day. Throughout the week, my friend and fellow genius J-Mac sends me interesting/quirky links, stories, photos and more from around the web. J-Mac’s a graphic design guru, and thus places a premium on any find related to the spirit of creativity. Or weirdness. Sometimes both.  

TIME-WASTING WEBSITE: Written on the City

ADVERTISING: Gross, but rather effective.

WTF STORY: You can now buy a BMW with an inflatable camper that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter? And actually sleep in it? Really?

CAPTION: An actual caption from the Minnesota Daily: Anh Pham played with 7-month-old Cedar Rain on Tuesday at the student activities fair. Both are official members of the Anti-War Organizing League. Cedar began his activism at the ripe age of 4 days old when he attended an immigrants’ rights rally, Pham said. Since then, he has become a regular member of AWOL. “He goes to almost all of our meetings,” Pham said. Cedar also helps to promote the organization during the activities fair by drawing in interested students with his wide eyes and big smile. Although his career in social activism is blossoming, Pham said his parents are torn between two future job prospects. His father wants him to be a ninja, but his mother said she would rather he become a pirate. “A pirate has a better retirement plan,” his mother said.”

And you thought Britney’s kids were screwed. This one doesn’t stand a chance.

MUSIC VIDEO: The new one from treadmill experts OK Go.

Some sort of brilliant cross between a chair and a slinky.

These are made of pencils…

…and these are made of Legos.

Every designer in the world should have this strategically placed in his or her office. At least once a day you’ll glance in its direction and offer a somber nod of recognition. So frustrating, so dead on.


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