Hey, look, a post about sports (kind of)

5 Feb

sblogo.bmpTwo unrelated thoughts:

>> I’m not a big fan of hanging around the water cooler the Monday after the Super Bowl, mostly because every conversation revolves around people bitching about the inevitably below-par commercials. “Uff da, quite a letdown this year.” The ultra-spendy ads are over-hyped to a point that they can never meet expectations. It’s an annoying ritual, these conversations. So you can bet top dollar I’ll be avoiding the cooler like herpes after this year’s commercials. Save for a couple light chuckles from Bud Light (“But he’s got a chainsaw!”), this year’s batch had to be the worst ever, right? Even GoDaddy.com bored me. (Oh, and writing complaints on your website is far less annoying than actually voicing such gripes, so I don’t consider myself a hypocrite.) And for what it’s worth, I still think this Monster.com ad is the best Super Bowl commercial ever.

>>  Timberwolves cheerleader Sally has been chosen to represent Minnesota on the all-star dance team. I don’t devote much time on this website divulging the details of my rampant love life, but I would like to report that I have been in Sally’s bedroom. True story, hand to god. Of course, it’s only because she’s the friend of a younger sister of my roommate’s high school buddy, and I only stepped in her room for a quick second mistakenly thinking it was the bathroom, and I never even turned on the light, and she wasn’t even home at the time…but still. I was there. You were not.      


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